Your Daily Dose of Crazy Spring-ness

Holy SMOKEY’S is there a lot going on.

I needed a break. And by break I mean sit here and update products/write the grocery list/meal plan the next 3 weeks/contemplate how wonderful it would be to hire an assistant already/write a blog post.

I’ll get on with it.

So the last couple days have seen the SHOP portion of the website go LIVE, the shed/farm stand delivered and erected, fences starting to go up for peas and beans, transplants and seeds going in, the first of the seasons produce getting harvested and sold, signs being made, oaths being sworn, threats made………….

I kid. I kid. (Wow, I’m sun drunk!)

But seriously. Whoever out there that’s reading this and/or supporting us in this adventure THANK YOU. Even if you’re miles away and just enjoy my ridiculous banter, thank you.

So, without further ado, here’s some kick-butt pictures of the last couple days. (And don’t judge…I don’t have time to edit to perfection right now) And thank you madre for taking pics while we unloaded the shed!


Taking a break from planting for some Lily time. We played a really long time in the grass. Gosh I love her.

In case you ever needed to know what 200 pounds of seed potatoes looked like.

The Shed coming in!

Getting the sides unloaded.

Oh hello there.

I know, I know….dat booty tho.

A couple that works together……stays married because the other one isn’t pissed off that their not helping ha

My sweet Bug.

Hello my darling.

I needed some serious Lily-bug snuggles after this crazy day.

Ready for tomorrow.

My dad being all cute and wanted a picture of me “pretending” to sell produce.

Chives-The Blooming Mama

The first herbs for sale! Chives!

Chives-The Blooming Mama

Chives-The Blooming Mama

Hello tulips…

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