Today, I Choose Love

Everyday for me is a choice.

I can choose to hold anger in my heart. To hold this entitlement to “justice and righteousness”. But when I do that, EVEN IF it’s justified…I feel like I have failed that day.

Those days I don’t love big or strong or hard.

I hold onto my values and I have to keep reminding myself why I’m doing the things I’m doing…because it’s RIGHT. Because it’s TRUE. Because it’s JUST.

I know there’s a balance to be found. I know that even though I believe Big Ag and Feed Lots and Plastic are the most horrible things… Holding that in my heart and wanting to basically go burn them all to the ground is not what is best for me.

It’s not what is best for my family.

I know Jesus had righteous anger. He chose to flip those tables in the temple. But what happened after he was done?
He just kept going.

There will always be a news story that shatters my heart. There will always be children starving and people hurting.
I know and recognize these things. But my job in life is not to stay in that place of hurt. My place is to stand up, smile, and love.

Love. Love. Love. Love.

I know it looks so different for so many people. And I’m not saying throw away your beliefs or boundaries…because I’m not going to.
But what I am going to do is say “God, I know there’s hurt in this world. I know there are things that are slowly destroying our Planet. I know there are people who I want to wrap in my arms but can’t. But God, show me how to make a difference. Show me how to love BIG.”

So that’s what’s on the agenda today.
Today, I choose Love.

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