The Tree That Keeps Giving 

This is my favorite Christmas tree yet. Not because I have more ornaments then ever but because of the meaning of this tree.

This is our 6th as a family.

I remember our first tree so well. I used part of my car payment money to pay for us to get a tree and a few ornaments. We had 3 strands of lights and about 20 ornaments. It was a pretty bare tree but Gage (our son) loved it.

This year I had all the ornaments and lights from previous years but we had decided that instead of buying a tree we would put that money towards our 2 kids and family members for gifts. We knew that was going to be the only way we could buy them anything this year. 

But my amazing parents, who give and give and give to us, decided to purchase our tree for us this year.
With 5 kids of their own (3 now out of the house) they said they understood all too well the financial burden of raising a family.

So, as I cry writing this all down, remember this holiday season:

Give. People will be blessed more than you know.

Give. Because something trivial to you might make a world of difference to someone else.

Love. You never know who is watching you live your life.

Be Kind. Long after you’re gone, you won’t be remembered by the gifts you gave but how you treated others.

Bloom beautifully today -TBM

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