The Lily Project-What it is

I’m a bad mom. There. I said it.

People will pat me on the back in public (or virtually) and say “Sarah! You’re too hard on yourself! You are not a bad mom!”

The truth is, I may not be the worst but I’m also not the best. Although my daughter is only 7 months old, some days I have a hard time just turning off the damn TV and interacting with her. YES I swore… Sorry Jesus.

Some days I don’t even turn the TV on and I play with Lily a lot, even when I do…but the fact that I’ve been feeling like I’m not doing a good enough job is not from shame, it’s because I’m just flat out not doing a good enough job.  I want to be present when I’m playing with her, not watching a TV show or being on my phone or crocheting while she’s climbing on me.

I refuse to be that mom. The one that posts all the cute snapshots of my kid on Facebook but doesn’t get down on the floor and play with her. I’m not going to watch my daughter grow up through the screen on my phone. So starting today…MARCH 2ND 2017 I’m doing “The Lily Project”.

Everyday I am going to do something different and interactive with Lily. And everyday I’m going to write a little bit about it.

This is in NO WAY shape or form a mom shaming post. Chances are though, if you feel guilty while reading this, you might want to be honest with yourself and evaluate how much time you truly spend with your kids.

I’ve attached my monthly calendar.  I’ll probably shift things and update it as I go.
It might seem selfish, but I know through doing this, I will also become a better person.  When we challenge ourselves, we only get stronger.

March Baby Activity Calendar-The Blooming Mama

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