The Blessing of a Big Yard

The Blooming Mama "Sold"
Last year around this time my husband and I bought our very first home. You can imagine the euphoria we felt walking away from signing our lives away. (If you’ve ever purchased a home, you know the feeling)
It honestly felt like we were in a dream. We (mostly my husband, as my debt mainly consists of gross student loans) had spent most of the last 4 years paying off debt and trying to get ourselves in a position to buy a home some day. But we thought it would be a long time until that happened, due to financial circumstances.

God always shows up big when you’re least expecting it, doesn’t he?
We were wanting to move to another town and had been looking for over 2 months for places to rent.
No dice.

Nothing felt right. We had decided that we wouldn’t just jump into something just because it was available. So after waiting and praying for those 2 months…we realized, maybe we’re praying for the wrong thing??
Maybe we had been so set on what we thought was our path that we didn’t see the other option:
Buying a Home.

You know those moments when you can just see God up there in Heaven with a big smile on his face and just shaking his head?
That was how we felt when we had our “OH AH HA!” moment.

We still didn’t know how it was all going to work out. I had good credit but WAY too much college debt to get approved for a home loan. My husband had some sketchy credit history from his past (unfortunate) but had the income to be approved.

But we followed God’s will, no matter how crazy WE thought it seemed…because honestly, we all know how aggravating and draining it is when you fight his plans, right?

We went to a mortgage company that was recommended to us, and when we went in for our first meeting after applying, we were nervous.

Was God doing this to test our faith? Was he trying to show us that we needed to lean on him? Was he giving us a lesson in humility.
Because surely we weren’t going to get approved.

We sat down, and our mortgage lady said, “Ok, everything looks great!”
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That’s all I heard after she said everything looked great. I looked straight at Daniel and I could tell he was thinking the same thing…”WHAT DO YOU MEAN EVERYTHING LOOKS GREAT???”

We proceeded to ask her that exact thing. How does everything look great when Daniel had a foreclosure on his credit? How can we afford the number you just gave us with our credit and Daniel having owned a home before?

She went on to tell us that 1) Because Daniel hadn’t owned a home in the last 3 years, he was technically a “new home owner” and qualified for the grants and programs we thought were going to be impossible to get with both of us on the loan. 2) She said that Daniel’s house was NOT in fact on his credit as a foreclosure but as a short sale which made A WORLD of difference apparently. 3) She said my college debt was considered “good debt” and that it didn’t affect our approval at all.

Everything stacked against us and still God powered through. There is absolutely no way it all happened without him. No way.

So then after the complete shock wore off, we started looking for houses!!!
This process was also a little frustrating. We started looking at the wrong time of year and there were a whole total of 10 houses on the market at the time.
We went and looked at all of them.
We were really sad because we didn’t feel God’s peace in any of them. There were a couple that we could have made work. But we knew God’s plan wasn’t for us to “make it work”.

We had seen a home online that we loved but our realtor said it had just sold days before.

The next day we got a phone call from our realtor. She said the prospective buyer of the house we wanted to see, had backed out of his offer and that the current owner had already purchased a home in Bloomington. She was looking to sell immediately and there was another couple coming to look the next day.
So we canceled our plans for that night and drove up to go see the house. I walked in and immediately started crying.
Ya, I’m just a sucker for moments like that one.

We asked our realtor to give us a moment, and we went into the next room and just prayed. I already knew God’s peace was in this place, but I wanted to give him the glory and the praise in this moment.

We sat down right there at their kitchen table and signed an offer on the house.

We left and not 10 minutes later our realtor was calling to counter offer, which we also countered, and the owner then accepted!!!
It was a crazy whirlwind!

This house wasn’t our dream country home.
But it was where we were supposed to be.

Now, we our .28 acre yard I can grow so much and do so much.

I have a clothes line, and raised beds.
I have a tiny bare root peach tree that’s chugging along.
I have blueberry bushes.
I have compost bins.
I have rain barrels (still needing to be hooked up to the house haha)

I have enough. It’s a great little start to the overall big dream, and I am so thankful for what God has blessed us with.

-The Blooming Mama

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