The Art of Simple Living-The Blooming Mama

The Art of Simple Living

The Art of Simple Living-The Blooming Mama
They tell you to be honest with the public when it comes to your business.
To not just share the triumphs and victory’s…but to talk about the bad days and the really hard days.

Yesterday was one of those days.
A hard day.

I didn’t realize it was a hard day until the very end when my sweet, strong, never-gives-up-on-me husband looked at me with frustration on his face. I knew that he was upset that I had spent a majority of the evening on my laptop when we were supposed to be spending time together.

Just a side note here: Ladies, marry a man who keeps you honest. These men will lead and guide you, not control you. I never understood the difference until my husband came into my life and showed me what a truly Godly man was like.

I have a one track mind. When I set my eye on something, nothing else exists. Which is great, most of the time. I’m incredibly driven and goal oriented and I hate to fail. But when those goals and drive to succeed come before my own family, I need to take a step back.

I realized after our talk that I’ve spent so much time writing and working on my blog, I haven’t written in my daughters baby book…
I’ve been so focused on reworking my website and finalizing garden plans, that I hardly know what’s going on in my husbands life.

So, this morning I laid Lily down for her morning nap and instead of immediately going to crochet or diving head first into my website, I opened my dusty bible and read.

As hoaky as it sounds, I asked God to just show me what to read. I got off my Bible app, where I have 4 plans I’m already reading…and just asked him what He wanted me to know this morning.

I resisted, when I heard him say “The Beginning”.
Seriously? I’ve read “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…” Probably over 100 times in my life.

But that’s where I went.
And in those verses I realized what he wanted me to see.


God did one thing, and then another. One right after the other.
He didn’t have 10 things going at once. He had a clear focus. A clear direction.

That’s what he wanted me to see.
I’m really good at 3 things, gardening, crocheting, and being a wife/mother.

Yes, blogging is part of the garden…I basically just upload what I’ve done the previous day, or what I’m currently working on. But I don’t need to spend 8 hours a day doing it. If I make money doing this, GREAT. But my true passion is soil, and plants, and being OUT THERE.

Simplicity. That’s the key.

Quiet your spirit today, and listen to God’s stillness. Feel the peace it brings you.

Here are my 6 ways to keeping it simple:

1) Pick 5 things you love to do, and master them.
My parents were amazing at feeding my siblings and I’s current interests growing up. I had paint supplies, drawing supplies, piano lessons, voice lessons, dance lessons, garden tools, stickers, make-up products, knitting supplies, crocheting supplies, fashion design supplies. These all came at different times in my life, but regardless, it gave me a wide range of hobbies. That’s a great thing when you’re a kid, because it allowed me to explore so many avenues. As an adult, I’ve slowly narrowed down what I love to do. Not only that, but because I’ve narrowed it down, I can master the few things I love.
By narrowing down your interests, you can EXCEL.
You can do 100 things sub-par,
Or 5 things perfectly.
I’d rather be perfect.

2) Start your day early, and peacefully.

It’s a beautiful thing, to sleep in. But I wouldn’t recommend it everyday. Starting each morning late creates an anxious and quite frankly, grumpy mind.
If you’re not a morning person slowly start off getting up earlier and earlier. Your body will slowly adjust.

3) Schedule your day out the night before.
Typically, I write my to-do list the night before. If I don’t, then that morning while I have my breakfast, I’ll sit down and write everything out. I have a notebook that has all of my to-do lists in it. (I’m hoping to create a post soon with all of them)
I love lists and having a to-do list keeps my day on track. I’m very GO GO GO and I get side tracked when it comes to cleaning… (AKA: I’ll start off just vacuuming the front room and some how end up washing the walls and rearranging everything haha). Having a daily or weekly to-do list keeps me sane.

4) Don’t let the jobs pile up.

This is hard. Even for a list, schedule oriented person like myself. I have anxiety with leaving my kitchen a mess at night, but even so sometimes I let the dishes pile up. Or the bathroom mirrors have toothpaste splatter on them. Or there are actual cobwebs on my ceilings. Or I’m wiping my kids butt with paper towels because I forgot to do the laundry with her diapers and re-usable wipes in them.
Stay consistent and again MAKE LISTS. I have a GREAT post (HERE) on daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cleaning lists as well as a Master Cleaning List.

5) Take time out of everyday to sit and be still.
I have a 5 1/2 month old and an 11 year old. Trust me when I say I know how hard it can be to find quiet time. Every free moment could be spent finishing your to-do lists or making food, or accomplishing some task. Heck, you might just need a shower in those fleeting moments.
I’m not saying don’t shower but DO try to just find 10-15 minutes during each day to be still. Personally I have a variety of ways to do this depending on how stressed I am. I use yoga techniques, meditation, bible reading, and journaling as my quite calm-down time.

6) Steady and consistent work.
I learned to do steady and consistent work from my 84 year old grandmother. I was working with her in the garden and expressed how badly my back was hurting. I asked her if her back ever hurt. She replied that she hardly ever has back pain, just soreness if she’s been working all day.
Her secret? Steady paced work.
There is a time and a place for busting butt, but I am trying VERY hard to just work at a steady pace. No, I don’t want to be cleaning house all day, or folding laundry until the cows come home, or weeding the same space of garden for 6 hours…but guess what? There’s always tomorrow. Don’t break your body and mind by going 100 miles an hour.

The Art of Simple Living
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The Art of Simple Living
6 ways to simplify your life. Start living a more holistic and purpose driven life.
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