Our Story

Est. 2016

Sustainable and Organic Market Garden and Farm Stand. We grow produce and cut flowers in a sustainable way.  All of our products are grown organically, using heirloom, uncommon and unique seeds.

Located in Lexington, IL our farm stand and gardens thrive with seasonal produce, herbs, and blooms.  We want to bring you nutrient dense, local food while also bringing beauty to the world with our seasonal flowers.

I’m Sarah, and I run The Blooming Mama. I guess you could say, I AM The Blooming Mama. I’m a Gardening, Homemaking, Jesus-Loving, Organic-Living, All-Natural Mama.
I hold a Bachelors Degree in Horticulture, and continue to love learning about the Earth, soil, plants, and environment around me.

My husband, Daniel works alongside me but likes to stay in the background. He does the heavy lifting, post driving, taxi driving, errand running, and over all sane keeping in our household and business.

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