Our Philosophy

Sustainable and Organic Market Garden and Farm Stand. We grow produce and cut flowers in a sustainable way. All of our products are grown organically, using heirloom, uncommon and unique seeds.


In all areas of “The Blooming Mama” we strive to be as Earth friendly as possible.
We know that God calls us to be good stewards of the Earth, good stewards of our bodies, and that our families should be our first ministry.

We believe in a simple way of life and try to instill that into our customers. Our love and passion is getting others (and ourselves) back to the basics. We love making our own home and body products, using medicinal remedies, growing our own food, and overall finding joy in the simple hobbies and activities we do daily.
This personal moto reflects into our business.

We recycle and reuse as much as we can.
We use locally and sustainably sourced products as much as possible.
We try and reduce our carbon foot print and compost all food, paper, and garden waste.
Our seeds are sourced either from our own seeds saving or from the few companies who uphold our standards (Bakers Creek Rare Seeds, Johnny’s Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange, and other small seed companies).
When designing flowers, wreaths, porch pots, Christmas decor or any other creative outlet we choose to do, we use local flowers, local greens, and local plants.


We believe in fairies and Santa.
We believe in fairy tales and pots of gold at the end of rainbows.
We believe that rain nourishes our souls.
We believe in life and love.
We believe in truth and joy.

Thank you for supporting us and coming alongside of us as we reach our full potential.

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The Blooming Mama