Life Update: Blog Renewal

My heart did a little twinge when I opened up my “Add New Post” Button.

I. Have. Missed. Blogging.

I have missed teaching and sharing with others so much.

I have taken a very long break to really focus on our family and focus on what is important and what God has called me to do. With blogging, sometimes it’s really easy to lose yourself in being vulnerable online and forget about doing it in real life…forget about how important it is to just DO life, without the protection of a computer screen.

Taking a step back from the blog has showed me how complicated I tend to make very simplistic situations. The desire to have perfectly edited photos, and detailed tutorials, and constant updates really hurt what I actually LOVED about blogging.

I love photography, baking, gardening, crochet, my Faith, and sharing those things with people. Writing super long, detailed posts, with 25 pictures, became something I thought I HAD to do for readers to be attracted to my blog. I thought I needed sponsors and adds.

Sigh… I don’t. I just love sharing what I’m currently working on.

In the blog-o-sphere the biggest thing is FOCUS. Your blog should be about 1 thing, and you shouldn’t really deter much from that. AKA: You want a certain audience.

I hope that I can renew this love of blogging and to start posting more simplistic blog posts.

Right now, because it’s winter, I am doing a lot of crochet and baking projects. In the summer, my whole life becomes the garden, preserving food, etc. And throughout all of that you may see posts about my daughter, being a stay at home mom, Jesus, or other homemaking tutorials.

My grammar isn’t 100% spot on. I may misspell words. I may use incorrect punctuation. And I might start sentences with “And”.

I’m doing better at being ok with “Me” and what I have to offer this world, even if it makes me feel like crawling out of my skin.

I hope to continue my blog this way, and switch things up to be more simple…which will allow me the opportunity to post more often!

Here’s to a new leaf.

Bloom Beautifully,
~The Blooming Mama

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