DIY Vanilla Extract Recipe-The Blooming Mama

DIY Homemade Vanilla Extract

DIY Vanilla Extract Recipe-The Blooming Mama
If I can’t make it myself, I don’t need it or want it.

That’s basically what I want my anthem cry to be.
Freedom from the commercial stores, from Big Ag meat, corn, soy bean, and wheat producers.
(Insert Braveheart reference…”FREEEEEDOMMMMM)

I bake a lot, and finding locally made baking ingredients is difficult and sometimes impossible. (I have not found anyone who mills their own wheat or rye yet).

Vanilla extract is something I use a lot of in my recipes… Obviously because it’s God’s bean. HA. Wellll I think coffee and chocolate beans are also God’s beans. Because there’s no way he accidentally made those 2 either.

Making vanilla extract is extremely simple. Just to clarify I am not talking about imitation vanilla. Imitation Vanilla is some pretty delicious stuff…

-“Natural Flavors”
-Caramel Coloring
-Propylene Glycol

Some brands actually don’t even have vanilla bean in them, it’s all imitation flavorings.
I don’t know about you, but I like my food as pure and as “clean” as possible. So I decided just to make my own.

The key to making good extract is to buy your vanilla beans from a reputable distributor. Vanilla beans do not grow in my climate, so I did have to purchase the beans online.
I purchased Madagascar Vanilla beans for a rich, smooth flavor.
You can purchase them HERE.

-8 oz of Vodka (I used 100 proof)
-2 Vanilla Beans

-First, cut your vanilla beans in half. You want to expose all of that delicious vanilla-ey flavor from the inside.
DIY Vanilla Extract Recipe-The Blooming Mama

-Place beans into a glass jar. I used a standard Ball Jelly Jar, like these HERE. Or any 8 ounce jar will work.

-Fill jar with alcohol.
DIY Vanilla Extract Recipe-The Blooming Mama

-Give your jar a good shake.

-Label your jar clearly with the date you made it.
DIY Vanilla Extract Recipe-The Blooming Mama

-Let your jar sit in a dark, cool place for around a month before using.

After you use some of your vanilla extract up, you can add more vodka to the mixture and let sit again. Vanilla beans are the gift that keeps giving.

DIY Homemade Vanilla Extract
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DIY Homemade Vanilla Extract
Making your own vanilla extract is simple and delicious. Follow my easy tutorial.
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The Blooming Mama

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  1. Only 2 vanilla beans ? Why have I not tried this sooner ! I just used vanilla beans in Chai for the first time yesterday and am amazed at the scent and flavor ! So much different than store bought flavoring. Thanks for sharing !

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