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DIY Cloth Diaper Spray

When I realized I was pregnant, I decided to do everything as natural and as earth friendly as possible.
Ordered my cloth diapers, hired a midwife, took organic vegetable and fruit based prenatal vitamins. I thought about using cloth wipes, but I honestly thought it would be too difficult.
Why I thought cloth diapers would work but not cloth wipes, I have no idea. It was just one of those things that you shouldn’t knock it until you try it.

My sister-in-law, who also uses cloth diapers, was talking to me one day about how incredibly easy cloth wipes were. She had been using them for a couple of weeks. (We have girls only 3 weeks apart!)

So I thought, what the heck!? I should just pull the trigger and do it!
Lily had been having issues with rashes on her bottom and I noticed that even when I would clean her little toosh well and let it air dry, her little rolls would stay red.

I bought regular wipes first. But then when she started breaking out I bought alcohol free wipes.
I started using a CRAZY expensive, eco-friendly, allergy free detergent. I would double rinse her diapers and liners.
But she was still having problems.

3 days. 3 days is all it took for her butt to be as soft, as well, a baby.
It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been using it, and her little bottom hasn’t had a break out since.

(Lily, I hope you don’t come back and read this blog post when you’re 16, and find out I talked about your tiny hiney on the very public and very open internet haha!!)

Clearly it was the wipes I had been using. So I found some tutorials and tweaked them to my own!!

First things first.
What you need:

DIY Cloth Diaper Spray-The Blooming Mama

*1 Tablespoon of Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap (Flavor of your choice or plain)
*1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil (preferably organic)
*10 drops of Tea Tree Oil
*Bottle (I used the squirt bottle they gave me at the hospital. We reuse anything we can in this household)
*1 Cup of boiling water
*Material for cloth wipes

We’re going to make our cloth wipes first

DIY Cloth Diaper Spray-The Blooming Mama

Step 1: Lay out the material you have chosen to use for your rags. We try and re purpose anything and everything here. Ironically, I’m using my hospital gown for the wipes.

DIY Cloth Diaper Spray-The Blooming Mama

Step 2: Cut your material into long strips, approximately 8 inches wide.
I tried cutting them bigger and smaller to see what worked. 8 inches was the perfect amount. Any smaller and you couldn’t get a good single wipe out of them. If they were larger, I ended up getting poop on clean parts of the rag because it would drag into her diaper. (I feel like Goldilocks here…except we’re talking about poop and cloth wipes. What has happened to me???)

DIY Cloth Diaper Spray-The Blooming Mama

Step 3: Stack the strips on top of each other.

DIY Cloth Diaper Spray-The Blooming Mama

Step 4: Cut the strips into squares.

To make the spray:
Step 1:
Boil the water.
You’ll need 1 cup for every tablespoon of Dr. Bronners Soap. I used two bottles so that I could have one for around the house and one for the diaper bag. So I went ahead and doubled the recipe.

DIY Cloth Diaper Spray-The Blooming Mama

Step 2:
Add your tablespoon of coconut oil to your boiling water. This will melt the coconut oil and allow you to pour the mixture into your bottle using a funnel.

Step 3:
Add a teaspoon of tea tree oil to your bottle. If you find that your baby’s bottom doesn’t quite heal all the way, add more. I ended up making a second batch a week after the first and added a couple more drops of tea tree oil just for extra healing purposes.

Step 4:
Shake everything up and use as soon as the water cools down!!

DIY Cloth Diaper Spray-The Blooming Mama

The coconut oil will eventually harden back up. I shake my bottle every time I change Lily’s diaper. I will also set my mixture in a sunny window so the coconut oil will soften.

Bloom Beautifully!


DIY Cloth Diaper Spray
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