47 Non-Monsanto Owned Seed Companies

47 Non-Monsanto Seed Companies-The Blooming Mama

It’s that time of year!! Seed ordering time!! I get so excited to order my garden seed for the year. Before diving in, I want to set some things straight. Just because a seed packet says “ORGANIC”, “NON-GMO”, “NATURAL”, or “HEIRLOOM” does not automatically make the seed company reputable. I preach BIG on knowing where […]

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How to Harvest Rosemary

How to Harvest Rosemary-The Blooming Mama

Gardening, growing your own food, and homesteading practices have run in my family (on both sides) for generations. Growing up I saw my parents, grandma’s, uncles, and aunts all have beautiful yards and beautiful vegetable gardens. Albeit sometimes weedy, seeing those around me interested and dedicated to gardening had a huge impact on my own […]

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