Barefoot and Pregnant

I could sit in my Tye-dye bag chair for hours watching my plants grow. Every day that passes, I feel my passion growing. I feel God’s presence more and more in all of the small things I do day to day.
I feel him in the sun.
I feel him when my feet are in the grass.
I feel him when my baby kicks.
I feel him kiss my cheeks when the wind blows.
I feel him when my hands are deep in the soil.
I feel him when I roll seeds-to-be-planted in the palm of my hand.
I feel him when I look at the roots, white and twisted, on my transplants…signaling “life is here!”

Isn’t this what life is about?
Enjoying all of the small and seemingly insignificant details of life? Isn’t life about growing roots; in others, in what we do, and in ourselves?
A garden itself is one big giant metaphor…maybe that’s why I enjoy Nature so much.

The garden, the trees, the flowers, even the grass begins quietly. To others, there seems to be no activity or life.
Black empty soil, trees lacking color, shrubs and flowers missing their aromas and beauty. Yet as each day passes and Spring comes closer, life begins to stir outside. Buds start to swell, green shoots pop up from the barren Earth and growth happens in leaps and bounds. Hope and happiness return.

Once plants and trees reach maturity for the season, things SEEM to slow down as they begin to work on producing fruit. Fruit is what a plant is designed to produce. Fruit allows a plant to pass its genetic code on. Producing fruit takes a Gardener, helping things along. Without them, weeds grow and choke out the plants and flowers. Plants wither from lack of water and nutrients, and eventually die. Even tall, mature, strong trees can die if the weed is potent or the conditions are bad enough.
So gardeners pull the weeds.
They fertilize.
They water.
They nourish.
They give support where needed.
And prune for the benefit of the plant.

Fall comes, and growth begins to slow. Eventually plants go dormant for the winter, fruit dries up, leaves blow away, and Winter is here. The process then begins all over again.
Year after year, season after season.
Some plants produce the same fruit every year.
Some gardens are planted with the same crops season after season.
But sometimes the Gardener plants purple broccoli instead of the standard green.
Sometimes the entire layout of the garden changes.
Even more drastic…some years the garden is seeded with grass and an entirely new garden plot is tilled up somewhere else.

Before Christ, or even in certain periods and trials, don’t our lives feel like the Winter garden?
Waiting and waiting for the perfect day for things to start happening and growing in our lives. Aren’t there times, just like during the Spring, when it feels like things are just bursting?! Things are moving fast, and blooming all around us! What about the times when your life must begin again? To start fresh? To start over?

Isn’t God like the Gardener? Always knowing what’s best and when to prune our lives to make us produce even greater fruits. He provides us with the Word, to get us through life’s struggles. He provides food from his own hands to nourish us. He gives us protection when it’s needed. But sometimes the cold creeps in. The winds and the rains beat us down until we feel like we might break. Yet God comes in with his blanket of warmth and his arms of support to bring us back to our feet. We are going to go through seasons where we may not see the growth. It might just feel like a never ending Winter.

But what the Gardener knows and what GOD knows is that even in the winter, even on the snowiest and coldest nights, below the surface and beyond what we can see, growth is happening. Roots are spreading to gather moisture and nutrients for the next season coming.
How powerful is that if we can apply it to our own lives?

God is the Gardener of all things, and we are the plants. Remember that he will always be helping you grow, even if you can’t see the progress.

Barefoot and Pregnant
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Barefoot and Pregnant
How is God like the Gardener? God prunes, waters, and nourishes us so that we can weather any storm.
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The Blooming Mama

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