A Look Into 2017-The Blooming Mama

A Look at 2017

I’ve been hinting at big news coming your way for 2017.

A Look Into 2017-The Blooming Mama

It’s not very dramatic, but it is a huge step towards my families goals of being on a farm and being completely sustainable.

My parents own 29 acres of land about an hour and a half East from me. Although it’s too far for me to drive there consistently, I have taken on the management of the gardens there, as well as expanding my own. Along with that, my parents will be selling at their local farmers market, having a farm stand, and I will also have a farm stand at my residence.
We will be growing produce and flowers at both locations.

Close Up of Garden-The Blooming Mama

Along with growing a lot more collectively, I will frequently be posting gardening and general homesteading tutorials, much like I have been doing, but at a greater capacity. My Etsy store is also in the process of a complete overhaul and will be updated in January to include a wider selection of body and home products, along with my crocheted pieces.

I am hoping to set up a small Weekly Pick-Up or CSA from my garden, starting in May.

I appreciate everyone’s patience during my transition into this new chapter.

I am determined to reach my goals. This year is a building year. I will build up my knowledge, my strength, my courage.
I want to take big steps this year in providing more for my family through blogging and gardening.
I am expectant for God to move BIG and in a powerful way.

My 2017 Goals Are:

Write out and apply for farm and business grants.
Write a Business Plan.
Be open to change and God’s intervention.
Continue to hope and pray daily for our dream farm.
Produce over 1/2 of my families food.
Attend business growing and gardening seminars to become more proficient in my field.
Grow my Etsy store.
Make enough monthly income by 2018 to pay our mortgage each month.
Learn how to can (more proficiently) and pressure cook a majority of my produce for my family’s use in the winter time.

I have loved what blogging the past 8 months has brought me. The people I have met and connected with, the knowledge I have gained…
I can’t wait for what this next year will hold.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Close Up of Garden-The Blooming Mama

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A Look at 2017
The Blooming Mama's goals for 2017 and business plan.
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